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Chris Creamer, SportsLogos.Net Founder
Chris Creamer is the founder of SportsLogos.Net and has been maintaining it since June 1997. You can follow him on Twitter at @sportslogosnet or contact him via email at ccreamer@sportslogos.net

JR Francis, NCAA Reporter
JR Francis is an actor, writer, director, graphic designer, UX guru, father, comedian, and craft beer snob. You can reach him at jrfrancis@sportslogos.net

Kristen Meyer, Int’l Sports Reporter
Kristen Meyer is a full-time marketing specialist at a graphic design firm. When she’s not saving the world one-brand-at-a-time she can be found at the ballpark cheering on her Blue Jays (at home and on the road) or taking in a rugby match. kristen@sportslogos.net

Mark Dewdney, NFL Reporter
Mark is an avid husband/father/sports fan/actor/umpire residing in the Greater Toronto Area. When he’s not calling balls-and-strikes he’s covering the NFL beat for SportsLogos.Net. You can follow Mark on Twitter at @markdewdney or check out his website at markdewdney.com