Factors to keep in mind when betting on sports

When it comes to sports betting, it’s not enough to only research which team was successful in its last 5 or 10 outings. You must also find out how the concerned teams/players played? What role did the luck play in their victories? And more.

Majority of people prefer backing their favourite players or teams, or the ones they considered good on paper. However, there are many other factors that come into play in any sports betting endeavour. We are going to take you over few such important factors you must always keep in mind when you place your punts. It’s also worth mentioning that you must only be bet with reputed and reliable bookies such as Sbat.

Study the sport

It is imperative that you gain thorough knowledge of the sport you’re planning to bet on. Such knowledge can be obtained from a wide variety of off-line and online resources including journals, sports magazines, news portals etc. In case you can’t find the information you are seeking, you can always request it on different online forums. As mentioned earlier, this research shouldn’t just be limited to the last few victories/losses of a particular team/player. Instead, it should also extend to various other pertinent aspects too.

Avail the best odds

Many novice punters fail to analyse the betting odds they are offered by the bookmakers. For them, placing bets is mostly about predicting which player or team would win, instead of understanding whether they are being offered the right odds for the particular player/team or not. You must look for the best matched odds that represent the exact probability of the likelihood of an event. In case you can avail better odds, you’d stand to win more.

After you have studied and compared the betting odds, you must seek bets that offer you the best value. However, an important question here is how do you locate the good value bets? The starting step in this regard is conversion of odds into probability. So, if the offered odds are A/B, you can calculate the probability (of the corresponding event) by using the formula: B / (A+B). Hence, if the offered odds are 3/1, there is a 25% chance of that particular team/player winning.

Keep the emotions out

Many novice punters have a habit of increasing the number of their bets as soon as they start winning. Please remember, any such excitement usually lasts only till the point that you continue winning. You’d also lose interest in the game the moment you start losing the bets. Therefore, you must always keep the emotions out of betting activity and limit the number of your bets.

Furthermore, let’s say, you’re a huge Chelsea FC fan and regularly back the team, regardless of its previous record and how it stacks up against the opposition. This is purely a case of betting based on emotions. It’s very important to have a solid reason before placing any bet.