Raptors In for a Change?

tor raptors

The Toronto Raptors are shuffling things up for the 2005/06 season… unfortunately for the fans the changes aren’t happening to their roster.

After their Canadian cousins in Vancouver headed South to Memphis, the Toronto Raptors made some “Canada friendly” changes to their look.

The first change they made was unveiling a logo featuring a maple leaf, this accompanied a very slick all-red alternate uniform. In a move that happened midway through a season, and received no attention — the team dropped “Toronto” from their road jerseys.

Now the Toronto Raptors are making even more changes to their look.

It was learned today that the Raptors will be dropping their maple leaf logo, as well as their alternate “TR” logo (which has been in use since their first season), after the conclusion of this upcoming season.

The Raptors will also be wearing their red alternate jerseys as their primary road uniforms. The purple and black roads will become the club’s alternate uniform — likely phased out at the end of the season.

Red is now the primary colour of the team — their court received a makeover in the off-season, dropping the purple and black look for red with black accents. The purple is being moved in the order of the team’s colour scheme dropping from it’s primary colour down to it’s fourth colour.

The primary logo appears to be safe for now, although the “dinosaur-claw” logo will be getting more airtime — it may be safe to assume the claw logo will one day become the primary logo in some fashion.