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New Buffalo Bills Uniforms Leaked

Screen cap of the new Buffalo Bills uniform courtesy a video posted on YouTube

It seems to happen every spring, a new NFL uniform has been leaked via a Madden EA Sports screenshot or trailer.

This year is no different, as a since-removed video posted to YouTube by EA Sports previewing their upcoming Madden NFL 12 video game showed both the new home and new road uniforms of the Buffalo Bills.

As expected the uniforms are a nod to the past, a slightly-modernized interpretation of the various incarnations of their 1974-1983 look.

Graphical representation of new Buffalo Bills uniform courtesy Wikipedia user "JohnnySeoul" (click to enlarge)

The blue charging buffalo logo remains the same but will now be featured on a white helmet, a blue/white/red/white/blue stripe down the middle and a grey facemask.

At home it’s a return to royal blue jerseys, red/white/red stripes around the neck, two red/white/red stripes around the arms, jersey numbers are white with no trim.  The BILLS wordmark appears under the collar in white.  Pants are white with a blue/red/blue stripe down the side.

On the road it’s the opposite of the homes, white jerseys with red/blue/red around the neck.  The arms have two red/blue/red stripes around the arms with blue numbers on the chest, backs and arms.  Pants are royal blue with a white/red/white stripe down the leg.

Personally, I love the new look, it’s clean, it’s crisp, it’s just a good-looking uniform all around.  Hopefully the team will perform as well as they look in the years to come.

Oddly enough, a graphical rendering of this new uniform has been available  to anybody on Wikipedia since before the Super Bow courtesy a user named “JohnnySeoul”, a shame it went unnoticed until now.