Braves, Red Sox Wild Card T-Shirts

What an incredible night of baseball, I can’t even begin to sum up the roller coaster that was… wow!  And just think, if MLB added those extra wild-card teams in time for 2011 none of tonight’s games would’ve really mattered beyond home-field advantage. So, they’d be like a bunch of all-star games, I guess.

Congrats to the Tampa Bay Rays and St. Louis Cardinals on taking their respective leagues wild card titles. We all know what their Wild Card merchandise looks like (which you can purchase here for Tampa Bay and here for St Louis), but what about the Boston Red Sox and Atlanta Braves?  Well, here’s the shirts MLB had made in case things went the other way around:

Boston Red Sox 2011 AL Wild Card shirt
Atlanta Braves 2011 NL Wild Card Shirt

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