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NY Rangers Unveil 2012 Winter Classic Jersey

The New York Rangers today unveiled the uniforms they will be wearing against the Philadelphia Flyers for the 2012 NHL Winter Classic at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia.

The uniforms are “heritage” white with blue shoulders with red stripes featuring a version of the shield logo used from 1927-1947. Jersey numbers appear to be the same as the ones worn with the regular set just with a red trim instead of the drop-shadow.

A view of the backs of the NY Rangers Winter Classic jerseys

The jerseys aren’t based off any particular jersey worn by the club during it’s history but really more a combination of several eras, it’s the jersey pattern of the current set combined with the inclusion of a shield logo based off the 1977-1978 set but using the original shield logo from the 1930s and 1940s.

The Philadelphia Flyers unveiled their Winter Classic jersey earlier, an orange and black jersey featuring heritage white stripes.