Foogos Friday: Flame Out

I really thought the holidays (re: over a week of NO WORK! WOOOOO) (re: re: over a week of no moneys! Awwww) would lead to this massive flux of Foogos creations. Instead, with 2011 winding down, so is my food/art output.

I don’t know what it is. Am I burned out? Do I need a new challenge? Is it the life crisis that comes with turning 30 this past Tuesday, compared to my previous notions of what a 30 year old should be, and coming to the conclusion that I am a poor excuse for an adult? It’s probably a little bit of all those things, and I’m not gonna lie, but believe it or not, separating Fruity Pebbles into their individual colors for future Foogos projects I’ve got lined up is. NOT. Fun.

I’m as shocked as you are.

But you know what is fun? Finding new materials to work with, and that’s exactly what this week’s installment of Foogos Friday has to offer. I got raw with this new piece. Raw meat. Raw eggs.

TANGENT: Are uncooked eggs even referred to as “raw?” Let me ask my mom… [several minutes elapse…] She says yes. I don’t even know why I second-guessed myself. This is what I get for trying to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides in 3D, having just run 22 miles and with an extensive history of concussions. My brain probably looks like my art materials.

Asinine train of thought aside, here it is, the Calgary Flames:

The original plan was to hollow out the meat and fill it with egg yolk. That ALMOST worked too, but goddammit I’m decidedly no engineer, and the meat dam broke in a few places. So I yolked the entire canvas (wax paper).

Just because, here’s a shot of the “C” before I introduced the meat to the egg:

Happy New Year to everyone reading! Check out my NHL Gallery for more hockey Foogos, other sports, and some other stuff. 2012 is gonna be an artsy, foodie year! I just gotta sort these Fruity Pebbles first.