Foogos Friday: Obviously Orange

This was an 11th hour production. Well, if you want to get literal, 22nd hour production, but semantics aside, this came down to the wire.

I had decided earlier in the day that I needed something simple to execute with no time for mulligans. A simple letter. So I turned to the collegiate ranks. They’re always good for a plain old letter. And since I was standing next to the produce at Trader Joe’s at the time of this amazing brainstorm – if you live around 22nd Street and 6th Ave in Manhattan, and your power went out at around 9:45 am, I apologize – I knew right away that a Syracuse Orangemen made of oranges was elementary. (That’s like a Starbucks logo made from coffee! Or a McDonald’s logo made of Irishmen!)

NOTE: I’ve since learned that the Orangemen are now simply know as Syracuse Orange, moving to a more gender-neutral nickname, which is appropriate since you’d have to be neutered to be that PC. It all derives from the official school color. Good thing the university isn’t rose pink and pea green anymore…

Seven tangerines went into the making of this Foogos. They’re sweet and delicious, but every slice has at least three pits. I hope a tree sprouts out of my mouth in May. I’m sure my heirs will receive some nice compensation.

Having wasted all my mental electricity on coming up with a product, I neglected to buy $2.99 blueberries. Not because I forgot – I was staring right at them – but because I didn’t feel like carrying them. A dozen tangerines in a sack? Okay. One dry pint of blueberries? ARE YOU CRAZY?!?

So I wound up getting hosed at Food Emporium to the tune of $4.99! That’s absurd.

Almost as absurd as slicing all but 15 blueberries in half in order to cover the roughly 11″ x 15″ space. But alas, we do what we must in the name of art.

The only blues spared from the wrath of my butterfly knife.

Personally, I think this is the best one yet. A pet peeve of mine is when I misjudge and run out of materials, leaving these gaping holes of bare wax paper in the corners of the photographs. Sure, they aren’t integral to the art and I can bury them with the logo and such, but I think a solid, uniform piece makes for a more complete product. So basically, it’s a good way to start off 2012 here at SportsLogos.Net.

I’m still working on separating the flakes into individual colors from a box of Fruity Pebbles, and hopefully, I’ll have something to show for it next week, but if not, I’ll tackle something else. In fact, I’d love for you readers to suggest a logo to make. Everything is up for grabs. click through this site to get some ideas, and check out my galleries to see what I’ve already done in the last year.


I’m not making any promises I’ll go after that Round Rock Express bacon logo you’re dying to see, but you never know.