Super Bowl Pizza Project

Work has been killing me lately, which is part of the reason why there was no Foogos Friday a couple days ago. But since I planned on a double dipping of Foogos for the big game today, you won’t need to cry yourself to sleep any longer.

Cut to the chase, and what we have here are two mostly home made pizzas. I bought the raw dough from a local bakery instead of relying on some lame pre-fab crust, and even put in a good effort with spinning my own pie. It ALMOST worked. I’ll have to find a YouTube video on how to do that properly.

TANGENT: My buddy AJ celebrated his 30th birthday last night, and during the festivities, he explained how he had requested a deer earlier that week. His uncle brought him a fresh kill, and AJ told me how he skinned the beast, then gave it a personal slaughterhouse treatment to make venison for dinner.

“How did you know what you were doing?” I asked.

“I watched a YouTube video before I started.”

The internet is a wonderful place.

Anyway, back to pizza. I made the sauce from scratch yesterday, and built the pies over the last hour. (It’s 4PM Sunday.) I’m bringing them to a Super Bowl party about thrity seconds after I’m done writing this blurb.

Here’s the first, a Patriots ground beef and pepperoni pizza with mozzarella, fresh mozzarella (the star) and parmesan (the face):

That’s the second Pats logo in as many Foogos here on New Englanders… they’re so spoiled with their embarrassment of riches.

The disaster known as my kitchen.

And secondly, here’s the NFC Champs, the New York Giants, just a straight up pepperoni pizza. (My original plan was to include bacon grease into the tomato sauce, since these are meaty pies to begin with, but I scrapped the idea at the last minute.)

Later tonight, I hsould have pics of the cooked versions of these pies. I’m debating whether to bake these in the oven or throw them on the grill. Ah, first world problems…

Whatever way I go, I just hope they taste good! And that the Giants/Patriots’ final scores end in 5/7 or 2/3, respectively. Not because I’m in a pool or anything… Just because.

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