Belmont Stakes Logo Unveiled; Louisiana to the Rescue; NASL team gets new look

Logo Links is a quick look at what has taken place in the logo and uniform world over this past weekend, here are your logo links for Monday, March 19th, 2012:

The big uniform hoopla over the weekend was many many teams wearing green in one fashion or another to celebrate St Patrick’s Day (including two-thirds of Major League Baseball teams); we covered this on Saturday and Sunday and you can check out the photos of these uniforms in-action in our post from yesterday right here.

2012 Belmont Stakes Logo Unveiled

On Sunday the New York Racing Association unveiled its logo for the 144th edition of the Belmont Stakes, taking place this June 9th.  The logo, designed by Kevin House of Kevin Creative includes three horses (perhaps symbolizing the third leg in the triple crown?) racing above the Manhattan skyline.


Louisiana Government Wants to Keep Hornets in NOLA

The governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal, along with the New Orleans Hornets made an announcement this past Friday regarding an agreement (contingent on a couple of factors) to help keep the NBA franchise in New Orleans through the 2023-24 season.

One of those factors is a biggie, the team finding an owner other than the league itself.

The plan would see the State of Louisiana and it’s taxpayers pay the $50 million tab on a series of upgrades to the Hornets home stadium, the New Orleans Arena.

Governor Jindal explained, “By upgrading the New Orleans Arena, we will help the Hornets earn more revenue and also make the site more competitive to attract entertainment and sporting events that generate economic development for the city and the state. The Hornets have been an incredible asset in the rebirth of the City of New Orleans and the team provides an enthusiasm and energy that enhances this great city’s spirit and unique culture.”

To read more about this check out the article over at


Fort Lauderdale Strikers Unveil New Uniforms

The North American Soccer League’s Fort Lauderdale Strikers unveiled their new primary and alternate uniforms this past Thursday.

“This year’s jersey has been redesigned and is completely unique to the Strikers,” said Tommy Knapp, Strikers Commercial Director. “The uniform of the Fort Lauderdale Strikers is both historic and iconic. The red and yellow hoops are a part of soccer history, not only here in South Florida, but around the world.”

For more photos and a video check out this article over at IMSoccer News


London 2012 Does It Again

Apparently unsatisfied with simply creating one of the most bizarre logos in Olympic history; London 2012 unveiled the uniforms for their Summer Olympic volunteer staff on Friday.

The uniforms are pink and lavender with straw hats featuring a pink ribbon and black pants.

London mayor Boris Johnson tired to justify the look, “I hope you don’t feel too ridiculous. We need to overcome our natural British reserve and be a little bit more like the Australians!’

See more photos and some reaction of this over at The Daily Mail.


And finally… to help fans of MAC schools rally behind Ohio, the last MAC college remaining in the NCAA Final Four Tournament Matt Sussman at The Hustle Belt blog has put his Photoshop skills to the test to create a series of Ohio themed logos of it’s fellow MAC schools.  Give it a look here.