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The West’s Turn: New CFL Uniforms Take Flight

We at SportsLogos.Net, always working hard to bring you the best in uniform & logo news, are greatly excited about the CFL’s new uniforms.

(Check out our post about the East uniforms here.)

Today, we’re eagerly awaiting the unveiling of the Canadian Football League’s West Division team uniforms; as they roll in, we’ll update this post. Check back frequently – and take a look down the post to see a possible leak from SSK…!!!


When you have an iconic logo like the double-E of the Eskimos (not to mention one of the most original names in sports), you don’t really need to mess around much.

However, the Eskies have brought their look nicely into the future; with a more raked “ESKIMOS” above a block but stylized number scheme, arm stripes that harken back to a more classic time, and a roundel with the aforementioned double-E on the sleeves, the Edmonton side has shaken out as one of the winners of the CFL rebrand.

The collar of the new Eskimo jerseys has been “superstriped”, matching the sleeve stripes nicely and balancing the top and bottom of the uniforms.
As a final improvement, the road jersey has been given green side panels (linemen will, no doubt, appreciate the slimming look), and the green numbers given a shadow.

The biggest change of all will be the introduction of a “road” helmet, green in color with gold and white stripes, to match the road uniforms, and the introduction of green pants on those road uniforms.

On, Eskimo President and CEO Len Rhodes says, “We were mindful that any re-design would have to strike a balance between respecting our proud club history and offering an exciting new look to our fans. These jerseys are a perfect launch pad for a new era in our club’s retail operations.”



Is this the new jersey? A Canary Trap for overeager employees? Someone looks like they leaked…but we’ll bring you the official word the moment it’s out. It’s out. has these on sale.

Fans aren’t impressed with this thus far; “the black piping is going to cause an aneurysm” on fan sites, one poster asserts, while others suggest that the jersey looks like a golf shirt.

Overall, the reaction suggests the biggest fan disappointment in the CFL; with the Green Riders being the only team to (apparently) switch from a classic to outright modern look, the fans seem to be mourning last year’s design.

1:49est : These are it. has them on sale.

With the white triangle (green triangle for roadies) leading to a wide side stripe you can see here and the elimination of the black and white stripes from last year’s duds, these uniforms do seem a tad underwhelming, especially as compared to other teams’ new threads.

With the ubiquitous area name atop the front numbers and the leafy green “S” on the shoulders, there doesn’t seem to be anything Rider fans won’t recognize – nor does there seem to be much in the way of effort to produce more than a “here, buy this too” for fans.

We’ll grab you some shots of the players wearing them as soon as they’re up – and we’ll reserve final judgement until then.



12:53pm : The Lions say that orange is going to be their primary color;

“Orange is our colour and our fans have indicated that they do not want us to tinker with that,” said club president and CEO Dennis Skulsky. “Our look continues to be unique among the rest of the teams in the league and our only change is the removal of the black ribbing on both the home and away jersey. The technological updates in both the authentic jerseys and the version available to fans however, are significant.”

There aren’t any major changes to write home about; the removal of the black shoulder piping does create a cleaner look, overall. With such an iconic (and fan-approved) look, as they say, if it ain’t broke…

BC wideout Geroy Simon says that the new tech ‘fits like a glove’, with predictable benefits; “It makes holding almost impossible for defenders!”

With the “BC” lion logo featured on the helmet, upper right of player pants and on the shoulders, branding isn’t an issue here, either. It ain’t broke, no fix needed. Well done.



2:03est – “Sleeked-up” was one word used to describe the Calgary Stampeders’ new uniforms. Indeed, the lettering and numbering has a slight lean to it, more of a modern look, as does the “STAMPEDERS” across the top of the chest.

The lettering is slightly reminiscent of the Calgary Flames’ stylings, to some; with the ownership changes lately, this is likely intentional – why not emulate and draw closer to an already-successful brand that pretty much owns the city?

The home unis, heavy on the black trim (right down to all-black pants) are still distinctive, with a black side panel also in evidence. With the “running horse” design adorning the shoulders, the jerseys will still suit the brand for fans.
When away, the Stamps will be wearing an equally stylized jersey, this time with the alternate “horseshoe” logo on the sleeves; mostly white, the shirts will be topped by red shoulders, again with the CFL-wide name adornment atop the numbers. (It has been voiced that “CALGARY” instead of “STAMPEDERS” would have been a nicer touch on the away jerseys, similar to what baseball teams generally do while on the road.)

These may not be the most balanced uniforms, top to bottom, and distinctly unexciting as far as any changes go (no real interview or fuss from the Stamps themselves, so I’d take it they agree), but they’re recognizable, even if it does start to feel a bit like a “second-class citizen” lack of investment from the owners of the Flames (and now Stamps).