Brewers – DBacks Go Italian on July 1st

Milwaukee Brewers Italian Uniforms Birrai Jersey 2012

The Milwaukee Brewers will continue their ethnic heritage uniform series next month by becoming the first Major League team to sport Italian-language uniforms on July 1st.

Both the Brewers and their opponents, the Arizona Diamondbacks, will sport the Italian uniforms – both team names will be spelled out in Italian across the front and feature the colours of the Italian flag.

Arizona Diamondbacks Italian Uniforms iDbacks Jersey 2012

For the record “Brewers” in Italian is “Birrai”, while the Diamondbacks are going with “iD-backs”, the same route of NBA’s “add ‘the’ to before the team name” style of special language jerseys.

The uniforms will be using the batting practice template, which of course means the side-panels will be coloured differently from the main base of the jersey.  Milwaukee’s will be green with red sides, Arizona will wear black with one green and one red side.

Milwaukee has already worn both Spanish and German language uniforms in the past year, Arizona wore “Los Dbacks” Spanish uniforms (yup, they added “the” to the name) in 2008.

Milwaukee Brewers German Uniforms 2011 Bierbrauer Jersey
Milwaukee's German language uniform worn in 2011
Milwaukee Brewers Spanish Uniforms Cerveceros Jersey 2012
Milwaukee wore Spanish language uniforms earlier in 2012
Arizona Diamondbacks Spanish Uniform Los Dbacks Jersey 2008
Los Dbacks jerseys were worn by Arizona in 2008