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MLB 2012 All-Star Caps Unveiled

2012 American League All-Star Game Cap AL Kansas City

Earlier this month we got our first look at the 2012 MLB All-Star Game BP jerseys and now we finally get to see the caps that will go along with these jerseys.

The American League cap is powder blue, National League is royal blue, coloured to match their respective batting practice jerseys.

2012 National League All-Star Game Cap

The logos on the front of the caps are modified Kansas City Royals logos, featuring an “A” or an “N” for American or National… the logos also feature three stars below the league initial, either to represent the three divisions or simply because it looks nice and balanced.

The under-side of the bill is patterned with various imagery and designs of Kansas City, the Royals, and the All-Star Game — this same pattern can be found on the numbers of the BP jerseys.

2012 All-Star Game Bill under-side

For those interested in purchasing the caps, you can get the National League cap here or get the American League cap here.

In other MLB ASG cap news, courtesy MLB Shop we have seen the backs of the in-game team caps for the game and they will, like 2011, once again feature a star on either side of the MLB logo.

Due to this it is fair to assume the two stars will also be placed on the back of the jerseys (also on either side of the MLB logo) like they did in 2011.

2012 All-Star Game Back of Cap

To take a look at the jerseys the teams will be wearing along with these caps check out SportsLogos.Net’s article about it here.

The MLB All-Star festivities get underway on July 9th.