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Want to help us get the news out to the sports logos and uniform fans?

Like many others, you are probably a huge fan of the SL.N network, finding out about breaking logo, uniform, and team news, discussing with others who love the little details of design as much as you do.

A question we get a lot here is, “How can I be more a part of the network? What can I do to help?”

We love the help from fellow logo locos. One of the most powerful tools the internet has to offer is crowd sourcing. We can’t possibly be in every city, reading every paper, following every team. But we have readers in almost every city in North America. Thousands on other continents. We are lucky to have so many fans from so many places. So, how can this help?

1. Submit what you find
There is no doubt that you have heard news before anyone else on the site. We’d love to have you tell us about it. Send us a FB message, CCSLC Message, Twitter, email, whatever! Email us at ccreamer@sportslogos.net or jrfrancis@sportslogos.net

If you hear about a press conference for a team in your area, go. If you see a blog or Twitter or FB post from your favorite team, share them with us.

2. Facebook
a. Fan
Did you know that only about 10% of CCSLC members are fans of SportsLogos.net on Facebook? Become a fan, we break stories, discuss, and show you what we are working on.
b. Share
Other folks out there feel like the only person they know who cares what alt jersey their favorite team wore last night. If you share our posts, or our page, a friend of yours may find our network of sites and really enjoy them. They will thank you.

3. Twitter
a. Follow us!
Get the first updates and links. We interact there, and share all of our top stories. See us @sportslogosnet
b. Retweet
Again, letting your friends know about our stories and sites will expand our reach and fans. Retweet anything we post that you find interesting!

4. Read all 3
We are surprised that some folks don’t know all of the sections of SportsLogos.net.  We have the the News section here  for breaking changes and releases, the forums for discussion, and the Sports Logos page that started it all. Check them out!

Thank you for any help you feel like providing. We are always glad to hear from our fans and getting news first!

You guys are the reason we are here. Thank you, thank you, thank you.