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Pics: Seahawks New Road Uni Debuts On-Field

The Seattle Seahawks were the NFL team who made the greatest change to their logo and uniform set over this past off-season. Last weekend we got our first on-field look at their home uniforms in action and now after yesterdays game in Denver we have our first in-game pics of the road whites.

Call me crazy, but I like these better than the home blues… could be that the green on white is less jarring, either that or I’m just getting more used to the new uniform.

Pics below, judge for yourself, and don’t forget to vote in our Seahawks new uniform poll – it ends tonight (Sunday) at 11:59pm ET:

Yes, that’s Peyton Manning in a Broncos jersey on the ground

What are your thoughts?

UPDATE (Aug 20/12) Polls are closed and here’s the result, a nice chunk of the voters like the new uniforms (more than I imagined) but the majority just are not fans: