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Pics: Phillies and Reds Turn Back to 1991

The Philadelphia Phillies and Cincinnati Reds turned the clock waaaaaaaaaay back to 1991 last night, reminding many of us that we’re so old that uniforms we remember “like yesterday” are considered throwback or retro.

The Reds went with their pullovers and elastic-waist pants (but did not wear their original helmets, although the currents are fairly close), the Phillies only error was the side-stripe not continuing on the waist/belt area of the pants.

Some side-by-sides:

As you can see, the Phillies did do a fairly good job with their 2012 reproduction of their 1991 home uniform, but as we mentioned earlier above, they did bugger up the side stripe on the top of the pants:

And now the Reds…

If Scott Rolen wasn’t wearing such a gigantic jersey top we would have had a perfect match.

Now if you really want to get picky, we can certainly do that… Majestic logos were worn on the arms of both jerseys, neither team did this in 1991.  Also, in last nights game MLB logos were worn on the backs of both team caps.  This practice wasn’t adopted league-wide until the 1992 season.  I guess you could call this a “Turn Ahead the Clock” feature in a “Turn Back the Clock” game”:

On to the photos: