SportsLogos.Net News Week in Review: August 19-25, 2012

A couple of leaks, some hints of what’s to come, and throwback jerseys… it was an interesting week in the world of sports logos and uniforms these last seven days.


The biggest news of the week was the leaking of the New York Knicks new uniforms for the upcoming 2012-13 season, we learned (but weren’t surprised) that the Knicks would be dropping all traces of black from their home and road uniforms as well as eliminating the stripes which go up either side of the jersey.

The result is a much more clean, and somewhat traditional look for a team with a lot of history.  Probably just a coincidence that they dropped the black as soon as their sudden intracity rivals in Brooklyn popped up dressed all in black.


The Phillies and Reds turned back the clock to 1991 on Aug 22, 2012

Jim Crane, the owner of the Houston Astros got us all thinking about the changes the Astros will be making this upcoming off-season.  Crane dropped a few hints as to what the uniforms would look like, stating they would be borrowing elements from their team history as well as adding a modern spin on it.

That led us to creating the poll of the week asking what the Astros should do with their uniforms next season (you can vote over on the upper-right side of this page).  As of the time I’m writing this article, 40% of voters feel the team should do a combination of several Astros eras, while 32% feel it’s time for something completely different.  Only 9% want no change.

Leaks of the Astros new look have started to trickle into SportsLogos.Net News, stay tuned for those details early next week.

The Philadelphia Phillies and Cincinnati Reds turned the clock back to 1991 on Wednesday, we’ve got all the pics and some nice side-by-side comparison shots here, while on Tuesday the Boston Red Sox players all wore the #6 as their uniform numbers in honour of Johnny Pesky.  Their opponents, the Los Angeles Angels joined it by wearing a patch in memory of Pesky despite never having any association with the team.



As always there were new NCAA football uniforms, thanks to the one-upsmanship that seems to be going on between Nike and adidas there’s almost a new NCAA football uniform every other day lately.

This week we got to see Oregon’s new uniforms, which, as JR Francis not-so-bluntly pointed out, are practically the same as their Bowl Game set from last year.

New uniforms were also introduced for Maryland, Kentucky, and Ferris State – they came in so quickly we had to lump them all together into one article.  While the University of San Francisco introduced a new logo set.


Philadelphia Eagles fans responded with mixed feelings with the news that their team would be dropping their kelly green throwback alternates for 2012 and instead replacing them with their all black look, last worn in 2009.

It is not yet known what date in their schedule the Eagles will be trotting out with their black jerseys but we’ll keep you posted as soon as we find out.

Here’s the Atlanta Falcons 2012 Uniform Schedule in the meantime.

Minor League Sports

The American Hockey League’s Hershey Bears also were the victim of a video game leak when their new logo was shown in a demo for EASports’ NHL13.  We quickly learned afterwards that the logo will be unveiled this upcoming Wednesday.

We eventually received some further tips from an anonymous source confirming this logo is indeed the real deal and dropping some hints on what the new uniforms will feature, including paw-prints on the shoulders and a lace-up collar.

In Canada, the PEI Rockets of the Quebec Jr. League announced they would be changing their name for the 2013-14 season, their 10th on Prince Edward Island.  The team is holding a name-the-team contest, details on how to submit your choice are included in our article about the name change.

That was the bigger news of the week, for all the little tidbits throughout, browse through the News Archive here.