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Jacksonville Jaguars Going All-Black For Home Games

The Jacksonville Jaguars announced yesterday that this Sunday’s game against Cincinnati will be their last using teal as their primary home jersey colour.  Black will become the home uniform, the teal will be demoted to an alternate and worn, at most, twice a season.

Teal had been the primary home jersey colour for the Jaguars since their inaugural season in 1995, black was introduced as an alternate jersey colour beginning in 2004 and was worn once or twice a season until 2009.

Farewell to teal… these uniforms have been bumped to “alternate”

“After this Sunday’s game, we will wear black as our primary jersey and teal will be reserved for special occasions as our alternate jersey. Teal will continue to be a part of our uniform and our logo, but on the field our identity will grow in black jerseys.” – Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan

According to their Twitter account the Jaguars will be wearing black pants with the black jerseys, pair that up with the black helmet and you’ve got a head-to-toe black uniform. Fan reaction has been mostly positive so far but there has been some legitimate concern about a Florida-based home team switching to all-black for their home uniforms.

The new all-black home uniform will debut on October 9th in Jacksonville’s game against the Chicago Bears.