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Brooklyn Nets Unveil New Team Jerseys

The Brooklyn Nets unveiled their new jerseys courtesy rapper-designer-team owner-father Jay-Z on stage last night at Barclays Center.

It’s a good thing Jay-Z got to unveil these jerseys all on his own – with none of the players around or any of the other front office employees. For one how else would we ever know that he had any association with the franchise? And do the Nets even have any other players?  I’m fairly certain that Jay-Z is playing all 5 positions once the season starts in November.

Following the concert the official website of the team Jay-Z owns gave us some detailed looks at the new uniforms. Jerseys are on sale now courtesy the official NBA shop.

Like the logo package, the uniforms are very simple.  Both jerseys feature just two colours – black and white with one colour name and numbers


Around the collar and around the arms are two white stripes, the inner thicker than the outer, separated by a thin black stripe, the adidas logo will not be worn by the players and only appears on replicas sold to fans


The BROOKLYN script, on both the home and roads, have a raised inner-stripe of the same colour as the script


Down the sides of the jersey are a single stripe with a herringbone pattern – similar to their home court design


Above the player names on the back of the jersey is the Nets’ secondary logo, a B in a basketball


Player numbers are thin and sans serif, similar in style to the BROOKLYN script across the jersey front

As for the shorts, it’s a continuation of the side stripe with the primary logo (sans “BROOKLYN” script below) at the bottom

As mentioned earlier, the jerseys are already available for sale at

How do you feel about the new look?

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