RIP Houston Astros “Old West” Set: 2000-2012

As we speak the Houston Astros are playing their final game of the 2012 season.

Not only is it their last game of what has been their worst season in franchise history, it’s also their final game after 50 seasons in the National League.

But we’re a sports logos site, so in this piece we’ll focus on the other aspect of the Astros making their final appearance today – their logo, uniform, and colour scheme. After 13 seasons and 2105 games, the brick and black will be no more.

Houston Astros pitcher Edgar Gonzalez throws a pitch in the final game ever for the Astros’ logo, uniform set, and colour scheme used from 2000-2012

The new look was introduced prior to the 2000 season to coincide with their relocation from the Astrodome to what was then known as Enron Field.  The new stadium, located at the former site of Houston’s Union Station train terminal, was the main inspiration for the new logo and colour scheme.

The Astros were originally considering a name change to go along with the new stadium, Houston Diesel was the one name that was floated around the most, before ultimately deciding to stick with the name.  But as you can see every other part of that plan was put into action, the logos, the colours, the uniforms, even the mascot. Suddenly the “old west, train conductor” branding scheme makes a little more sense, doesn’t it?

Houston experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows in their thirteen seasons in this look. From Craig Biggio’s 3000th career hit to the Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte controversy; from the 2005 National League pennant to the back-to-back worst seasons in franchise history.  They all happened in this uniform set.

Let’s take a photographic journey back through the most memorable moments in baseball history to have happened in these colours, which as mentioned before, will never be worn again after today’s game:


Craig Biggio 3000th career hit
June 28, 2007

Craig Biggio 3000th Career Hit

After 20 seasons, all of which with the Houston Astros, Craig Biggio smacked his 3000th career hit, a single off of Colorado’s Aaron Cook in a game he ended up getting 5 hits.  Biggio ended up retiring following the 2007 season finishing with 3,060 in his career and cementing his eventual place in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.


Six-Pitcher No-Hitter at Yankee Stadium
June 11, 2003

Astros Six Pitcher No-Hitter, 2003

It was a Major League record when Roy Oswalt, Pete Munro, Kirk Saarloos, Brad Lidge, Octavio Dotel, and Billy Wagner combined to no-hit the New York Yankees at the House that Ruth Built.  The first time the Yankees had been no-hit at home in over 50 years.


Marathon NLDS Series Win Walk Off
October 9, 2005

Chris Burke 2005 NLDS 18th inning home run

After 5 hours, 50 minutes and in the bottom of the 18th inning of game four of the National League Division Series, Houston’s Chris Burke smacked a walk-off home run to push the Astros past the Braves and clinch a series victory on their first step towards the next item on our list…


2005 National League Champions
October 19, 2005

With a Game 7 NLCS victory over the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium the Houston Astros secured their first National League pennant in franchise history and brought a World Series game to the State of Texas, also a first.  The Astros ended up being swept by the White Sox in the Fall Classic, ending their near 90-year-old World Series draught.


Roger Clemens 2004 NL Cy Young Winner

Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte Houston Astros

It ended up being a sour memory for most baseball fans but Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte formed a powerful 1-2 in the Astros rotation during the early part of the century.  Clemens came out of retirement to win the 2004 NL Cy Young Award with the Astros and stuck around to be a part of the 2005 NL Championship club.  Clemens left the Astros when retired again following the 2006 season.

You’ll notice there’s nothing on this list from 2006-2012, it wasn’t a great time in Astros history.  In fact if the Astros lose their game today 2012 will officially be the worst in team history – if they win they get the honour of only sharing the record with the 2011 season.  Yeah, not good.  Heading into the game today the Astros have won 1019 games in this set, losing 1085 for a .484 winning percentage.

The Houston Astros will re-introduce a blue and orange colour scheme on November 2nd with whole new logos and uniforms.