Eugene Emeralds Show Off New Home Uniform

At the Winter Meetings in Nashville, the Eugene Emeralds of the Northwest League unveiled their new home uniforms. Readers will remember that last week, the Emeralds had a big announcement for their new logo set.

In an interview with The Logocast, Emeralds GM Allan Benavides explained the look.

We have gone away from the pinstriping to a real fun like wood grain pattern, that’s on our jersey top now, and it’s got a real Oregon feel to it. So it’s different, it’s a little unique, but it’s flashy still.

The jersey features the lime green Ems script on a white jersey with black sleeve and placket piping and a multi-tone green wood grain. The back of the jersey features white numbers bordered in black. (photo credit CCSLC member Bradbury)

Are these “insane in a good way”? Or have the Emeralds and Brandiose gone too far? What do you think?