Nike NBA All-Star Game Shoes Inspired by Space (and Houston)

Nike’s having a little fun with a bunch of space-inspired designs centered on the NBA’s All-Star game. We’ve already seen Adidas unveil the game’s uniforms and now we have Nike debuting a trio of space-inspired shoe designs.

The Feb. 17 game in Houston has garnered all sorts of space references already and Nike wanted in on the “extraterrestrial take on basketball” by offering up a “creative celebration and fictional interpretation for the game’s top players during basketball’s prized weekend.”

Nike color guru Eugene Rogers and graphic leader Erick Goto used superhero storylines to inspire the designs, creating a fictitious basketball universe led by Nike’s three elite brand representatives to provide a fun project for the design team.

The Lebron X, Kobe 8 and KD V shoes will all feature some sort of wild coloring, whether resembling that of planet’s surface, meteors or stars. Lebron James’ version has a meteor-like look, but this rock comes mostly in purple and red. Kobe Bryant’s “Ice Mamba” appearance waves in orange, while Kevin Durant’s alien-esque greenish tones offer a playful color option.

The shoe project evolved to the point where Nike has planned an entire apparel collection, launching on Jan. 23, to coincide around Area 72, the top-secret facility where these shoes take on a fictional life of their own.