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More Sleeved Basketball Uniforms Coming from adidas

Adidas has really taken to this whole sleeve concept in basketball. On the heels of revealing the new Golden State Warriors’ sleeved concept, adidas announced this week that the April 3 McDonald’s All American basketball game in Chicago will feature two teams donning sleeves.

The new “adizero short sleeve uniform” will get further billing as adidas looks to promote their modern sleeved look, hoping it catches on as the latest trend in basketball uniforms.

Made from 60 percent recycled materials, the uniform matches the technology announced in the Golden State uniforms, complete with quick-drying ability, zoned construction and 360-degree stretch fabric that will prove key in determining how well athletes can move throughout the arms and shoulders.

In sticking with a high school all-star game theme for adidas, the uniform features a camo print design. The East players will wear a bold black “impact camoversion” and the West players will suit up in a less intrusive red. Player names and numbers are colored in chrome, inspired, supposedly, by the shine of championship trophies. Oh, please.

The woven shorts include a compression base layer and a closer fit, dropping the overall weight of the uniform even further.

McDonald’s All American athletes will also wear adidas shoes during the event.

But it’s the sleeves we care about.