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Mariners Dropping Teal, Going Cream and Gold in 2014?

It would be a shame if this were to end up happening, but the Seattle Mariners may be getting rid of their iconic teal secondary colour in favour of “old gold”.

In a post made by Ebbets Field Flannels on their Facebook fan page on February 28, 2013, which was quickly deleted:

“Doing some informal consulting for the Seattle Mariners on their 2014 uniforms. They are going creme instead of white for the home (we love it). We are gently pushing for them to lose the teal and adapt old gold as the secondary color after navy.”

Compare! From left to right: 2012 Mariners home uniform, followed by it tinted to cream as per plans for 2014, finally tinted to cream with old gold in place of teal

If this were to happen it would create a colour scheme similar to Seattle’s original Major League Baseball team the Seattle Pilots who lasted one season in 1969 before moving to Milwaukee to become the Brewers where they made that blue and gold their own.

The Mariners also used a similar colour scheme for their first 16 (mostly forgettable) seasons before adding the teal during a major re-branding in 1993.

The Seattle Mariners one wore blue and gold, as seen in this photo from 1978

While the idea of using “old gold” instead of teal appears to be solely from the side of Ebbets Field Flannels at this point (let’s hope it stays that way), what does appear to be set according to the post is the switch to cream/heritage white home uniforms.

Seattle would join the San Francisco Giants and New York Mets as teams using cream-coloured uniforms as full-time home jerseys.

The New York Mets and San Francisco Giants, the only two other MLB teams to wear cream coloured home uniforms

Personally I’d hate to see the loss of yet another unique colour scheme in baseball, and while I appreciate the roots the blue and yellow colour scheme has in Seattle, their best seasons clearly happened wearing navy and teal.  Try to picture Ken Griffey, Jr without thinking of teal?  It’s a tough task to accomplish.