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Nike Unveils Looks for Masters Tournament

Yes, Tiger Woods will wear red on the final day of the Masters Tournament, starting April 11 and running through the 14th. But now we also know he’ll opt for white with yellow on Friday and some blue and gray combinations on the other two days.

Sure, maybe it isn’t a “uniform,” but golfers must wear something when they play and Nike has let us in on what exactly its golfers will don for the four-day event, “scripting” out the wardrobe, down to the cap and the shoes (interesting to note that Tiger will wear his personalized logo on the first two days on his cap and switch to a Nike Swoosh for the weekend). Take a look at the wardrobe options:

What we like: The white with yellow trim

What we want to skip: Never been a fan of the Tiger Woods logo cap

What we like: You gotta love Saturday’s colorful top with plaid print pants and Friday’s gray and white cap

What we want to skip: For all the excitement and color we see from Friday and Saturday, Thursday and Sunday are boring

What we like: The shirts on Thursday and Sunday provide personality

What we want to skip: Sunday looks a little dark for our liking

What we like: Almost everything. There’s personality here, especially in the Friday outfit

What we want to skip: Saturday’s shirt

What we like: All the color! There’s a splash of something visual on each day, which is a good thing

What we want to skip: Wearing green on Sunday is a bold move

What we like: Hey, at least there’s personality and Thursday’s brown striped shirt is tremendous

What we want to skip: We aren’t so sure how those weekend shirts will look on television, but at least he is giving it a try

What we like: Something striking about Thursday’s shirt, with the outlined pocket

What we want to skip: Too many stripes?

What we like: Hmm, shall we just say it is classic?

What we want to skip: Saturday looks a bit like a rough casual Friday at the office