Pics: Four MLB clubs wear new unis yesterday

Four teams wore new jerseys for the first time yesterday in Major League Baseball and at least one of them won’t be wearing them again this season.

The Milwaukee Brewers debuted their gold alternate jerseys in an extra-inning loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks; the gold jersey is the 4th different jersey the Brewers have worn in their last 4 games (is that a record?), you can see what the Brewers have worn throughout the season via our newest site feature (still kinda in BETA mode) here:


In San Francisco, the Giants received their 2012 World Series Champions rings and, as is the new tradition, wore gold-themed jerseys for the occasion.  The jersey was a home version of their 1980s inspired road alternate jersey with gold in place of orange throughout.  A cap was also worn with a gold “SF” and gold re-coloured 2012 World Series patch on the side:


After the success of last years throwback Sunday series, the Chicago White Sox are at it again, this time honouring the 30th anniversary of the 1983 AL West Champs by wearing the uniforms of that team.  Included: 1983 All-Star Game patch on sleeves, number on pants, helmets, and dugout jackets (well done Chicago!!)  Excluded: Elastic waistband on pants in favour of the belt:


Finally the Houston Astros raised some eyebrows when they unveiled their uniforms in November when an intro video claimed their new batting practice jerseys were “Sunday Home Alternates”.  We actually thought it was more likely to be an error in the video than reality; well, we were wrong, yesterday the Astros took on the Oakland A’s in their rainbow-side b.p. jerseys for a regular season game.  This has happened before in the big leagues, but it is quite rare: