2013 MLB Special Jersey Calendar

This was originally going to be a “one off” calendar, although some of these teams are wearing these looks a handful of times. These are the jerseys for 2013 that will be worn on special occasions. We’ve got foreign language jerseys, special event jerseys, and  throwbacks, from old minor league teams to Negro League teams to past champions.


4/16 – To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Colorado Rockies, the Rockies and Mets will be throwing back to 1993. In something that makes this very unique, is because the first ever game played by the Rockies was in Shea Stadium, the Rockies will wear grey and the Mets will wear white, even though it’s being played at Coors Field.

4/27 – The Detroit Tigers will have their annual Negro League Tribute Night, where they will throw back to the Detroit Stars. Their opponents this year? The Atlanta Braves, who will honor the city’s history wearing Atlanta Black Crackers uniforms.


5/5 – The Houston Astros will honor Cinco de Mayo when they face the Tigers with “Los Astros” jerseys. These jerseys will also be worn in September when Houston faces the New York Yankees.

5/5 – It’s 1913 throwback night, as the Milwaukee Brewers will don the togs of the 1913 American Association powerhouse Brewers as they face the St. Louis Cardinals, who will also be throwing back a century ago. This Corey Hart bobblehead likely shows what the Brewers will be wearing.

5/17 – The San Diego Padres will be throwing back to an as-yet-undetermined 1980s team when they face the Washington Nationals.

UPDATE: Thanks to Twitter user @RJsFro we have a photo of the Padres throwbacks for 2013, looks like they’re throwing back to the early 80s home jersey on the far left of this picture for May 17th.

5/19 – A week before Memorial Day, the Pirates will again be wearing their camouflage jerseys when they face the Astros, much like they did in 2012.

5/30 – The Twins will be throwing back to the 1948 St. Paul Saints when they host the Brewers.


6/8 – The Royals will be busting out the powder blue pullovers when they play the Astros.

6/8 – It’s Cerveceros day in Milwaukee, when the Brew Crew faces the Phillies.

6/14 – The Padres will wear a throwback to celebrate their 1998 NL Championship Title as they host the Diamondbacks (photo seen earlier in this article). There has been no word about if the D-Backs will also throw back, but considering they will be wearing throwbacks later the summer against the Phillies, it’s likely they will.

6/23 – In another foreign language jersey, the Brewers will be wearing Polish script when they play the Braves. This Polish sausage giveaway might offer a clue as to what the jersey will look like.


7/1 – The Blue Jays will be giving out red hats for Canada Day, to be matched with their Canada Day jerseys they debuted last year, as they play the Tigers. (editor’s note: I’ve also heard the Blue Jays will be wearing their blue BP caps with the giant red maple leaf for Canada Day – Chris)

7/12 – The Padres will turn back the clock to the PCL Padres uniforms as they face the Giants (see the May section of this article for a photo) .

7/20 – The Brewers will honor the Negro Leagues as they don the gear of the Milwaukee Bears when they play the Marlins. There is no word if the Marlins will wear the jersey of Florida’s only Negro League team, the Jacksonville Red Caps.

7/27 – The Athletics throwback to 1969 as they play the Angels.


8/23 – The Phillies will bust out the maroon pinstripes of the 80s and 90s for 90s night, as they take on the Diamondbacks, who will be throwing back to the 90s as well. However, these throwbacks will not represent any possible game, as the Phillies stopped wearing these in 1991 and the Diamondbacks were yet to exist until 1998.

8/24 – It’s Negro League heritage night in Kansas City, as they Royals play the Nationals. The Royals will wear the jerseys of the KC Monarchs, while the Nationals wear Homestead Grays throwbacks.


9/7 – Last worn in 2008, the Seattle Mariners will have Latin Night and wear Marineros jerseys as they play the Rays.

9/15 – The Astros break the Los Astros jerseys back out that they wore in May to take on the Yankees.

Well, that’s it. At least everything I could find. Do you have any others I missed? Are there any throwback games you’re looking forward to? Let me know!