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MLB Request Spurs BP Cap Blitz

When Major League Baseball and New Era announced their new line of batting practice caps for the 2013 season buried in the media releases was a line about how teams would now be able to wear the caps in regular season play.

Through the first 50-odd days of the season only one team had chosen to do so – the Cincinnati Reds with their alternate Los Rojos jerseys, since then Major League Baseball reportedly made a request that teams start wearing the new lids during regular season play.  Was it to help with slumping sales of the product? Was it to fulfill a previously made agreement with New Era?  We have no idea, nobody was telling us anything… must be some great conspiracy.

What we do know is that a good chunk of these teams look just god-awful when wearing their new practice caps with non-practice jerseys (although some, like the Diamondbacks and surprisingly the Red Sox, may be an improvement on their usual set), behold a photo gallery of the teams to do this BP thing thus far:

Cincinnati Reds, May 11th


Minnesota Twins, May 19th


Minnesota Twins at Atlanta Braves, May 22nd


Arizona Diamondbacks, May 25th


Toronto Blue Jays, May 27th


Kansas City Royals, May 28th


Philadelphia Phillies at Boston Red Sox, May 28th


Miami Marlins at Tampa Bay Rays, May 28th


San Francisco Giants at Oakland Athletics, May 28th

What are your thoughts on this practice?  Just one day after all 30 teams were wearing special jerseys and caps, seven wore their BP caps — are teams wearing too many special jerseys and caps these days?  Discuss below: