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The Colors of the Open, What Golfers Will Wear in PA

Forget Tiger and Rory, possibly the best “uniforms” we’ll see at this week’s U.S. Open golf tourney at Merion Golf Club in Pennsylvania could come from Kevin Chappell’s Nike wardrobe.

The 26-year-old California native offers up a good mix of subtle color, U.S.A. themes and classic golf looks. It may not be the flashiest we’ll see on the course (here’s looking at your, Rickie Fowler), but we like what it offers. Coming from Nike’s Sport Collection, the company says it represents a “youthful and edgy design with a slimmer fit.” All we care is that we see something new.

Kevin Chappell

What I like: We love the shirt colorings of the first three days, the mix of patches and stripes, the trendy shoes and the subtle use of blues. Well done.

What I want to skip: Sunday. That shirt pattern needs help.

Tiger Woods

What I like: Saturday’s cool polo color—Nike calls it “Fiberglass,” oddly enough.

What I want to skip: Is Tiger really wearing those odd orange blocked stripes? Ick.

Bubba Watson

What I like: Hmm, the belt?

What I want to skip: Yeah, pretty much the entire four days.

Charles Schwartzel

What I like: Saturday’s printed shirt.

What I want to skip: Everything else. And monotone black for Sunday? That can’t be good.

Rory McIlroy

What I like: There’s plenty of color here, so that’s swell. I especially like Thursday’s blue with the white trim (Nike calls it “blue ice,” but that makes me think of a snow cone). I also appreciate the nod to Ireland we see on Sunday with the green shirt and how marketing folks are trying to tie that color to Rory just as red on Sunday is linked with Tiger. Smart.

What I want to skip: I feel like Rory’s missing something, especially with the pants.

Dustin Johnson/Jason Day

What I like: Gray. Lots of it looks cool, at least in my opinion. So, the adidas/TaylorMade gray-heavy line offers something of value.

What I want to skip: Well, as much as gray is nice, pairing it only with black, white and a little red makes for a boring four days on the golf course. Gray with color, please.

Nick Watney

What I like: I’m enjoying the juvenile stripes of Thursday, the blue of Friday and the outlined orange pocket on Saturday. I’m also diggin’ that gray two-tone cap for Friday.

What I want to skip: After the stripes on Thursday, I’m not sure I can handle so many more on Sunday.

Francesco Molinari

What I like: I included the Italian golfer simply for the light blue pants and the yellow shirt.

What I want to skip: Does that green and blue on Thursday match? If Nike says so, I guess we believe them.

Rickie Fowler

What I like: You gotta love that this guy can actually pull off crazy Puma outfits, such as the plaid pants and orange and red.

What I want to skip: Thinking for a second this is something I can wear.