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Phantom: Boston Bruins 2013 Stanley Cup Champs Merchandise

Congrats to the Chicago Blackhawks, after 49 years without a Cup they’ve now won 2 in the last 3 years… sounds familar to Boston fans?  It should, your Red Sox did the same thing (just double the original draught, of course)

Speaking of familiar to Boston fans, boy that turned around quickly at the end there didn’t it?  Yes, as a Leafs fan I can somewhat sympathize with what Bruins fans are feeling right now.  It don’t feel good.

Anyways, enough with the preamble which nobody reads, here’s your phantom championship merchandise for the Boston Bruins – these are photos of the actual souvenirs which would have been sold to the fans had they won the 2013 Stanley Cup instead of Chicago.

First up, as always, the locker room cap and t-shirt – what the players would have won when celebrating after the game:

Followed by an assortment of other t-shirts and caps which would have been sold to fans but not worn by players:


And finally, the other random merchandise produced for the most hardcore of fans to purchase:

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