Yankees Wear BP Caps Against Detroit

You know, sometimes I really miss George Steinbrenner… because he wouldn’t have put his legendary team out there in a practice cap.

Yes, the New York Yankees are wearing theirs in tonight’s home game against the Detroit Tigers, it just also happens to be Alex Rodriguez’s debut game at Yankee Stadium in 2013.

A rare sight, the Yankees wearing an “alternate” cap design in a regular season game

The cap has a midnight blue crown, like the standard Yankees cap, but with a white bill and button; as always the historic “NY” logo on the front.

Alex Rodriguez wearing the Yankees BP cap in his first game back at Yankee Stadium – August 9, 2013

This isn’t the first time the Yankees have worn a non-standard design in 2013, as always they took part in the league-wide templatey mess that was the Memorial Day and 4th of July cap promotions, and wore a camo jersey and cap design again for a military appreciation game on July 13th.

As of the writing of this post we weren’t told why the Yankees were wearing the special cap tonight (see update at bottom of article) but earlier in the season Major League Baseball had requested several clubs, such as the Boston Red Sox and Philadelphia Phillies, wear their practice caps presumably in an attempt to drum up sales.  And on that note…

If you want to buy the cap it’s available here at the MLB shop.

UPDATE: According to @EyeOnBaseball we’ve learned the Yankees are wearing the cap for charitable reasons:

The Yankees are wearing the hats as part of their partnership with New Era and the David C. Koch Foundation to help fight cancer.

So at least it’s for a good reason