Quebec Remparts Unveil New Uniforms, Colours

The Quebec Remparts, a Major Junior A Hockey club in the QMJHL branch of the Canadian Hockey League, unveiled both their new team uniforms and slightly altered team colours at an event earlier today.

For the colour scheme, it remains mostly the same as the previous red, black, and heritage white.  All that’s changed is heritage white is now (current? future?) white-white.  With this switch in colours comes an appropriately altered logo, a simple swap of heritage white for regular white.

The new jerseys bring to mind the look of the New Jersey Devils, a New Jersey new jersey if you will.

The change to the Quebec Remparts logo: heritage white is gone, white prevails.

On the whites the shoulders are black (like the Devils), only with a red trim on the shoulder stripes.  Red, black, and red stripes are on each arm and around the waist.  A single black stripe at the cuff.  Player numbers are red with black trim.

On the darks, again, a lot like the Devils.  The Jersey is red with black shoulders, white stripes on either side of the shoulder.  White/Black/White stripes on the arms and waist, and like the whites there’s a single black stripe on the cuff of the sleeve.

Early fan reaction on their Facebook page suggest most fans love the old look and will miss the heritage white (” L’ancien etait 100x plus beau!”). A look below comparing the old with the new…

Old uniforms on the top, new ones on the bottom (images courtesy Quebec Remparts)

So what do you think? Upgrade? Downgrade? À côté de? Share your thoughts in the comments.