EPL Handbook Validates Rumored Kits, Releases Two Heretofore Unseen!


The Barclays Premier League has released its 2013-14 media handbook for public viewing. Although it’s quite fascinating to read up on all of the information about rules, regulations, and inner workings of one of the biggest sports leagues in the world, if you are currently reading this then you are probably going through the handbook for one main reason: To see if any new kits leaked! I have good news: New kits DID leak (or at least the handbook confirmed that some jersey leaks were actually legitimate previews of new shirts coming out and not ham-handed photoshops or bootlegged knockoffs). Among the list of new additions to the BPL’s kit range that have yet to be officially released:

Everton, Fulham, Tottenham: Their Third kit sections have been left blank with “To Be Advised,” which could mean that a third kit is on the way.

 Manchester City
The above image has been floating on the internet. It is now confirmed by the handbook to be the new third kit for Man City.

Similar to City, Newcastle has also had an image of a shirt floating around on the internet. This was a yellow shirt with a thin blue stripe running across the upper part of the chest. Doubly similar to City, the shirt has appeared in the handbook as the confirmed third kit for Newcastle.

 West Brom
In what appears to be the first genuine ‘leak’ in the handbook (strangely, it is an image of the actual kits, compared to the on-paper renderings that represent all of the other kits in the handbook), West Brom have added a third kit that is simply all-red from head to toe with white trim.
West Ham

Another leak, as there has been no news of a black West Ham shirt to speak of. The shirt itself is black with claret and blue trim, and appears to just be a standalone shirt to be paired with the shorts and socks that already exist.

In addition, there’s also interesting tidbits such as the fact that Arsenal’s ’12-’13 away kit appears to have been mothballed (instead of becoming a third kit for ’13-’14 like so many other away shirts from last year are destined to be) and Manchester United’s ’12-’13 away kit will be their third kit for this season. Also, Hull City AFC’s updated crest also makes an appearance, despite the fact that the Premier League has denied the club’s motion to change their name to Hull City Tigers. The most intriguing news to come from this is that Everton, Tottenham, and Fulham may still have new kits to be released, possibly during the season.

What do you think of the new changes? Are you excited at the prospect of a third kit for the 3 teams listed above? What are your thoughts on the new third kits that have been ‘released?’ As always, let us know in the comments!