Minnesota Wild New Road Jersey Teasers

The Minnesota Wild have jumped on the “teaser” bandwagon for the unveiling of their new road uniform, due to be fully revealed this Sunday at the Minnesota State Fair.

So far five teaser images have been posted to the official team website, we’ve gathered the released images to assemble the crude mockup below:

Assembling the puzzle that is the new Minnesota Wild road jersey for 2014

What do we know?

Well, we got a white base for the jersey, with alternating green and white stripes either on the arms or along the waist.

Green and white stripes either at the waist or on the arms (or both)

There is a green shoulder yoke.

Collar is red and green, the little valley at the bottom of the collar (where the NHL shield goes) is red.

Green and red collar striping, red “collar valley”, and green shoulder yoke

It will read “MINNESOTA” in white on green on the inside of the back collar.

“MINNESOTA” in the inside collar, another look at the green and red collar striping

Green laces down from the collar.

Green laces on a white base, down from the collar

And player numbers on the sleeves are red with a green trim

Red and green numbers on the sleeves, green shoulder yoke does NOT extend all the way down the arms

What don’t we know yet?

Basically just the logo and any shoulder patches at this point.  I’m sure we’ll get a look at those in the next few teaser images to come this weekend.

For those who need a refresher, this is what the Wild have been wearing on the road since their expansion season (with a few very minor tweaks here and there over the years):

Minnesota Wild road jersey in 2012-13 season

We’ll get a full look at the uniform on Sunday at 11:30am CT (12:30pm ET), naturally we’ll give you all the details here at SportsLogos.Net when the time comes.