ASU Unveils Crazy Helmet For ND Shamrock Series

Arizona State helmet ASU flame new design

Arizona State wont be upstaged by Notre Dame in their Saturday matchup, part of the Irish “Shamrock Series.” ASU teasingly revealed piece by piece since last Saturday, with the final and most bold piece announced Monday

The Sun Devils showed off their flame patterned helmets, a truly distinctive top to their all-black uniforms. The most distinctive part is that, reportedly, no two-helmets will be the same. The flames are all unique, forming their own design.

The base color is the Sun Devil’s deep maroon, in this case a rich metallic flake. The facemask is a super dark coat.

How many tridents do you count?

Yellow tridents will appear on both sides, and one on the back. THREE! THREE TRIDENTS!

Arizona State coach Todd Graham tweeted an Instagram compilation of the uniforms.

It reminds several of us at Sport Logos Warship Deployment Center as looking like a welder’s helmet.

Inspiration for the Sun Devils?

But are these unique helmets legal?

RULE 1, SECTION 4, ARTICLE 4, SECTION A, PART 2: Helmets for all players of a team must be of the same color and design.

So, maybe, maybe not. Perhaps them all having a “fire design” counts as the same. One assumes Nike or ASU checked with the NCAA about that.

In any case, ASU will be wearing all-black, ND in white. Enjoy the sun flare hats on the Arizona State players. Or do you prefer your helmets standard solid color?