2013 LA Dodgers NL Phantom Champs Merchandise

Dodgers 2013 NL Champs Phantom Merchandise

Congrats to the St. Louis Cardinals for winning the National League pennant last night in a thrilling 9-0 victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Speaking of the Dodgers, they’ve been eliminated, and with that their National League championship merchandise has been thrown into the fires, or shipped off to third-world nations, probably the latter.

Had the Dodgers come back from 9 runs to win last night AND carried that momentum over into a Game 7 victory tonight, we would have seen the following merchandise on the players and on the shelves.  As always, this is the ACTUAL merchandise, enjoy:

Dodgers 2013 NL Champs cap
2013 Los Angeles Dodgers NL Champions Cap

Dodgers NL t-shirt 6

Dodgers 2013 World Series cap
The cap and patch the Dodgers would have worn in the 2013 World Series


Here’s a pair of batting practice caps with the 2013 World Series patch, these would have been worn by Dodgers players and coaches during pre-game activities in the Series:

Dodgers WS cap bp2

Dodgers WS Cap bp

Dodgers NL t-shirt 5

Dodgers NL t-shirt 4

Dodgers NL t-shirt 3

Dodgers NL t-shirt 2

Dodgers NL t-shirt 1

2013 LA Dodgers NL Champs flag and magnet


Finally, a pair of “Duel” pins featuring the Dodgers matched up with both the Red Sox and the Tigers:Dodgers-Red Sox WS Pin

Tigers-Dodgers WS Pin