San Antonio Spurs are prepared if basketball turns into battle

San antonio spurs nba camo alt uniform jersey camoflage


In what is intended as an honor to our troops, the San Antonio Spurs will be wearing a camofluage jersey and shorts for their game against the Washington Wizards on Nov 13th this year. The uniforms were released today on and at

san_antonio_03The jersey follows last year’s new alternate jersey, with the small chest number and strangely-positioned medium-sized spur logo. The base of the jersey is camo, with black, silver, and white numbers, logos, and names.

3-600x334-spursuniform-102413Essentially, this is the same as their alt jersey, but with camo cloth used for the base of the jersey.

san_antonio_01What do you think? Does wearing camo on the playing surface honor the troops or does it simply force the team into the greens and tans of camo needlessly? Is this a great idea for great people or a lame idea that doesn’t really honor these great people?