Marlins to Bring Back Orange Caps in 2014

Marlins Red-Orange Cap 2012

Hey! Remember the Miami Marlins?

Yeah, they’re still around and in 2014 they’ll be bringing back the one thing they’re most famous for (other than bi-annual fire sales), their red-orange caps.

According to a post on “The Fish Pond” a blog run by Miami Marlins beat writer Joe Frisaro…

Marlins president David Samson noted that the team plans to wear the brighter hat more in 2014. Since rebranding as the Miami Marlins in 2012, the team has had the “red-orange” hats, but they were worn only sparingly in the first season at Marlins Park.

They were worn even less often than “sparingly” actually, in fact in the two seasons since the Marlins have rebranded they’ve only worn the orange caps TWICE. That’s twice out of 324 games, or, on-average, once per season.

The Marlins didn’t wear them at all in 2013, which we noted and wrote about back in July, the last time Miami has gone with the red-orange cap was on June 7, 2012 in a 8-2 loss to the Braves. Prior to that they were worn on May 15, 2012 in a 6-2 win over Pittsburgh.

Ozzie Guillen Miami Marlins Orange Cap 2012
“Hey kids, remember me? I was still in charge the last time we wore this cap!”

The absence of the “red-orange” caps on the field hasn’t done much to affect sales, according to Frisaro it’s still the top-selling Marlins cap amongst the fans.

No word on if we’ll see the Marlins’ road-grey uniforms, who were also missing throughout 2013. Miami has only worn their road greys 20 times (out of 162 road games) since unveiling the uniform nearly two years ago, the last time on September 25, 2012.