Texas Tech To Go Wild For A Purpose In Their New Uniforms for Kansas State Game

featured_TTTexas Tech is set to wear a charcoal, black, and scarlet uniform for their November 9th matchup against Kansas State, with crazy custom helmets.  The Under Armour uniforms are a one-off for the Red Raiders.

BXrsc_gCcAA8Bx-The numbers are scarlet with white outline on a grey base.  The shoulders have a black stripe with red accents, outlined in white. “Texas Tech” emblazoned across the chest and Never Quit as the player name on the back.

But the real interest here is split between the pants striping and helmets.

BXrszV-CUAEu2T9The pants have a “rear stripe” that matches the shoulders, in black with a white outline and faded red accents in the black. This produces almost a Knight Rider type look from behind.

The helmets are, as has become expected in college football, very strange.

BXrssaOCUAAXlGZThey have the “red lights” theme from the shoulder and pants striping with the words floating, almost Matrix-like, using the rallying cry “Never Quit.” The phrase is repeats over and over, almost in an obsessive number, like Homer scrawling “No TV and No Beer Makes Homer Go Crazy.” This phrase is also feint in the background of the shoulder and pants striping.

OK, so… “Why?”

THIS time, we actually have an answer. The Lone Survivor Foundation. Founded by Marcus Luttrell after returning from Operation Red Wing, to gather intelligence on the Taliban leadership, the foundation is being honored by Texas Tech and Under Armour with these uniforms. The chest patch with “19” stands for the 19 soldiers lost during the operation, complete with red wings, for the name of the mission.

The jerseys will be auctioned after the game, with 100% of proceeds going to the Foundation.

If thats not a great reason to wear a crazy uniform, I’m not sure what is.

So, how do you like the look?