St Louis Cardinals 2013 World Series Champs Phantom Merchandise

St Louis Cardinals 2013 World Series Phantom Champions

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox on your worst-to-first 2013 World Championship season, I truly did not see that one coming. Kudos.

We have added the Red Sox official 2013 World Champs logo to the site, you can check that out here; also we’ve updated our all-time World Series Champions team logo collection with Boston’s victory, check out the whole list from 1903-2013 here. If you’re in a Red Sox mood overall, here’s our history of the Red Sox logos and uniforms.

Below is a sampling of what the St. Louis Cardinals fans and players would have been celebrating in if they had made my season somewhat acceptable by coming back to win the Series… as always these are real items that were all ready to hit the shelves the second the Cardinals won it all.

And with that, another season is in the books… Spring Training is just three-and-a-half short months away. Start that countdown.


UPDATE Oct 31/13 12:29am ET:

Since I’m being asked so often what happens with this phantom champs merchandise, whatever is produced is typically donated to third-world nations. Usually the t-shirts and caps, these other things like wastepaper baskets and signs aren’t as in-demand and therefore aren’t pumped out like the clothing is.

Below you’ll find a photo of one happy recipient of a Tampa Bay Rays 2008 World Series Champions locker-room t-shirt:

Tampa Bay Rays 2008 World Series Champions T-Shirt

It’s all good!