New Orleans Pelicans Unleash Garish Mascot


The New Orleans Pelicans planned to release their mascot into the wild for their home opener, and many fans figured that the Pelicans would release a cute and cuddly caricature of a Pelican that both the kids and older fans who were young at heart would love. Instead, we got this:

Credit to @wwltvsports for this image
Credit to @wwltvsports

Holy guacamole! Pierre (a pretty classy name for this abomination) the Pelican is neither cute, nor cuddly. It is, however, a perfect caricature of what you would see in the corner of a Chuck E. Cheese.

From its soulless eyes to its black abyss of a mouth that resides inside of its monstrous beak, doesn’t it seem fitting that this creature was unleashed upon the world on the eve of Halloween? It’s almost as if it was the Pelicans’ goal to have you to go to sleep on Halloween Eve and wake up the next day in a cold sweat due to this ghoulish organism having flapped its creepy arm-wings all through your nightmares.


Instead of becoming something that Pelicans fans both young and old could rally around, it has become nightmare fuel for those same fans, and fans around the league as well. NBA Writer & prolific basketball tweeter Matt Moore (@HPBasketball on twitter) took to photoshop last night and the results were downright horrifying. If you are faint of heart, I suggest you exit this website as soon as you are done reading this sentence. If not, then we here at SportsLogos.Net admire you for taking your Halloween to the next level as you view these photos!

Pelicans 5Pelicans7

So, after viewing all of the evidence of this animal in the wild, what are your thoughts? Did the Pelicans make a good decision by bringing this fella into their family, or was this a terrifying mistake?