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NBA Teams Will Wear Sleeved Jerseys on Christmas Day

NBA Christmas Jerseys 2013

If you are a fan of the NBA’s movement towards sleeved jerseys, then this will come as welcome news to you. For the rest of you, you might want to avert your eyes because aesthetically speaking, the NBA will become pretty difficult to watch on Christmas Day. SNY’s Brian Erni first posted pictures of sleeved jerseys that were found on eBay. These jerseys were apparently being sold as warm-up shirts by eBay seller “erikdeals”.

However, once the above image made the rounds and got to ESPN, ESPN was able to confirm that these shirts are indeed what the teams will be wearing on Christmas Day. This also confirms earlier rumours that every team playing on Christmas Day would be wearing sleeved jerseys.


As you can see, the uniforms are nothing like anything we have seen in the league, specifically when it comes to the front. The front of the jersey just has a white logo with black trim, and no numbers. The front numbers have instead been moved to the left sleeve. Looking at this, it’s very understandable that the eBay seller could have mistaken the jerseys as warm-up shirts since they resemble what you would normally see on a warm-up shirt.

One team that seems to be an odd inclusion here is the Boston Celtics. Unlike the other four teams represented in the photo, the Celtics are NOT one of the 10 teams scheduled  to play on Christmas Day, which could mean that this initiative could spread to more than just these teams (and the six other teams that will be playing on December 25th). If that is the case, then it is very possible that most of the league (if not all 30 teams) could be donning this special edition of sleeved jerseys this season. However, that is just pure speculation and it could just be that the Celtics and another team are the only other teams included in the initiative.

So what are your thoughts? Are you ready for the NBA to officially put these on sale so you can pick up a shirt? Or do you want these just to wash your car with?