Germany to Wear All-White Kits at World Cup 2014


The 2014 World Cup Finals are rapidly approaching, which means that it’s time for the nations to unveil new kits for the world’s most watched event. Germany have recently released their kits, and they are a big departure from what they’ve normally worn in the past.


Although the German National Team is no stranger to wearing the country’s colors on their chest (as opposed to a plain white shirt with the DFB’s crest on the chest) there is a bit of a difference as the 3 different shades of red (which apparently represent the 3 World Cups that (West) Germany have won) that form a chevron on across the chest of the shirt is accented by what is either silver or a very flat shade of gold. We’ll let you be the judge.


However, the biggest break from tradition is that Germany will be wearing white shorts with white shirts. Germany’s soccer team has an almost iconic identity of white shirts, black shorts, and white socks. So, it comes as a shock that the Germans have decided to break with tradition, especially on the world’s biggest stage. It also appears that this will be the first time that Germany have worn all-white since the 1974 World Cup, which was one of the 3 World Cups that they won. Surely their supporters must see this as being some sort of good luck charm ahead of next year’s big event.

In fact, it will be such a rare occurrence that if Germany does indeed roll out the all-white kit, the next time will be only the 4th time in the nation’s illustrious history in the World Cup. To put that in perspective, Germany’s next World Cup match will be match #100 in their history at the World Cup. So, to say that this is a break from tradition would be a pretty big understatement.


That being said, the kit is very snazzy and an example of how a team can look modern without looking too tacky. But what are your thoughts? Do you disagree? Does the sight of one of soccer’s blueblood nations breaking from such a storied kit tradition make you want a flip a car? Before you flip your Volkswagen, please let us know how you feel below!