Pittsburgh Steelers; Chicago Bears In Throwbacks Today

Pittsburgh Steelers Throwbacks

The NFL will be taking a trip back in time as two teams will be wearing throwback uniforms from the first-half of the 20th century in two separate games this afternoon.


Just like last season, the Pittsburgh Steelers will be wearing the uniforms originally worn by the 1934 Pittsburgh Pirates Football team for their game today against the Detroit Lions.

Steelers Throwbacks - 2012

These uniforms were introduced last summer as a way to honour the 80th anniversary of the franchise’s inaugural 1933 season; they wore them for one game against the Washington Redskins on October 28th. The Steelers were originally known as the Pirates from 1933-39, they became the Pittsburgh Steelers for the 1940 season and (aside from a couple of combined teams during the second World War) have used the name ever since.

1934 Pittsburgh Pirates NFL Team Photo
1934 Pittsburgh Pirates NFL Team Photo

The uniforms are a series of black-and-yellow horizontal stripes, similar to a bumblebee, with black numbers placed on yellow squares to increase visibility. Pants are beige and socks are the same black/yellow striped style as the jerseys. The current 2013 team helmets will be worn.


Chicago Bears 1940s Throwback Uniform

The Chicago Bears will also be wearing throwbacks, wearing their 1940s uniform today against the Baltimore Ravens. The Bears had wore this earlier in the season for a game back in September. The uniform is navy blue with orange stripes on the arms, player numbers are plain orange as opposed to the white numbers the current Bears wear.

Chicago is expected to wear their current helmet (as is new NFL policy) with their “C” decals removed, creating a plain navy blue shell.

Elsewhere in the NFL today…

The Cincinnati Bengals are breakin’ out their beauty orange alternate jerseys for their game against the Cleveland Browns (orange-overload in that matchup!)

Several teams around the league will be wearing camo ribbons and decals honouring various branches of the military on the backs of their helmets – such as the Buffalo Bills and this U.S. National Guard sticker.


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