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Sens, Canucks Will Honour 1915 Stanley Cup in Heritage Classic

1915 Ottawa Senators

The Ottawa Senators yesterday announced they would be unveiling their 2014 NHL Heritage Classic uniform on Thursday, November 28th. The Senators are taking on the Vancouver Canucks on March 2, 2014 at BC Place Stadium in Vancouver, the third time an outdoor game has been held in Canada.

In their press release announcing the unveiling date of the special Heritage Classic uniform, the Senators mentioned the game would be paying tribute to the 1915 Stanley Cup final:

The Heritage Classic game is a tribute to the 1915 Stanley Cup match where the Vancouver Millionaires (PCHA) faced the Ottawa Senators (NHA). This would be the first time that the champions from both professional leagues (east and west) would face off for the Stanley Cup.

One would imagine the look of these teams will be considered when determining the uniforms of the 2014 “tribute” game in March.

The uniforms worn by the 1915 Ottawa Senators can be seen at the top of this post, as you see they wore their black, red, and white horizontal striped uniforms with a one-year-only emblem on the front, two crossed flags, a British Union Jack and the Canadian Red Ensign – the unofficial national flag of Canada at the time.

The Vancouver Millionaires wore maroon uniforms with a V on the chest, team photo below:

1915 Vancouver Millionaires
1914-15 Vancouver Millionaries team photo

The Canucks actually wore Millionaires throwback uniforms for one game this past March, here’s one of the Sedin’s modelling that jersey:

Vancouver Millionaires 2013
Canucks wore Millionaires throwbacks in 2012-13

So with that information in mind, and looking at the Calgary Flames design for their Heritage Classic uniforms in 2011, I’ve put together this prediction as to what both teams will be wearing:

2014 NHL Heritage Classic Jerseys Concept
This is just a prediction of the uniforms to be used for 2014 Heritage Classic

Vancouver’s uniform features present day colours with the current primary logo on the shoulder. Sleeve and waist striping is based off of the 1915 Millionaires uniform design as well as the main crest. Ottawa takes their classic horizontal striping but incorporates heritage white much like their current alternate does, the modern primary logo is on the chest outlined in red. A crossed-flag logo goes on one shoulder to make note of the 1915 Senators but uses two current Canadian flags instead of the old British designs… why not use the old flags? Ottawa has a fan base in neighbouring Quebec, no need to alienate those fans.

We’ll find out if I’m anywhere near right in 10 days… do you have your own concept? Share it in the comments below.