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Ten Additional Sleeved NBA Jerseys Leaked!

NBA Sleeved Jerseys Leaked

Sleeveamania is running wild in the NBA, and just like Hulkamania in the ’80s, it shows no signs of slowing down. Recently, twitter user (who is also a fellow member of our very own CCSLC forum and frequenter of our comments section) @conradburry revealed even more sleeved jerseys for the fans to enjoy (and by “enjoy,” we mean “Plunk down hundreds of your hard-earned cash for them so you can wear to the game.” Because that’s the proper way to enjoy these uniforms.)


The first set of jerseys are obviously tied in to the NBA’s Noche Latina initiative, which has been going on since the 2006-07 season. The usual Noche Latina details are here: A “Los” or “Nueva” tacked onto the team’s script across the chest where appropriate & the Noche Latina patch, which has been moved from the right chest to above the nameplate on the back of the jerseys. Obviously, the huge difference is that these jerseys now have sleeves and in addition to the sleeves, there is also a sublimation pattern on the back of each jersey. We don’t know what’s the meaning behind the sublimation pattern, but we’re sure that the NBA will explain it once these are officially unveiled. An interesting wrinkle is that there are 3 white jerseys and 3 black jerseys, which should please those who suffered through last week’s color-clashing debacle in New York.


The second set of jerseys also have an obvious connection, as the jerseys have been specifically for some guy named “March” who will be wearing the number 17 for both the Bulls and Celtics. Now that the effort to be facetious is over with, it’s clear that these 2 green jerseys are for St. Patrick’s Day, and should be worn on or around that holiday. For Boston, there isn’t too much of a difference between the sleeved jerseys and what the Celtics normally wear for St. Patrick’s Day. The Bulls, on the other hand, will be wearing “Chicago” across their chest with white letters & numerals, a pretty decent-sized difference from their regular St. Patrick’s Day garb.


The final two jerseys to discuss here are standalone jerseys by themselves and don’t appear to be connected to a league-wide promotion or holiday. The T-Wolves’ sleeved jersey appears to just be a “regular” alternate jersey. If that’s the case, they will join the Suns, Clippers, and Warriors as teams who will be wearing a sleeved jersey as an alt. The last jersey to talk about here is the clear outlier: What’s up with that gray & blue Brooklyn Nets jersey?! The only guess we have is that it must have something to do with a promotion involving the last team to call the borough home: The Brooklyn Dodgers. Either way, this is definitely the most intriguing jersey of the bunch, and whatever other information comes out will definitely be of interest.

Overall, most of these jerseys are just sleeved twists on old news, with 2 jerseys bringing something that we’ve never seen before. The main gist of this information is that (at least for this season), sleeved jerseys are going to rule the aesthetical roost in the NBA. How do you feel about that? Are you excited to see even more of these come out, or are you having sleeve fatigue? As always, give us a shout below so you can let everyone else know exactly how you feel about Sleeve-a-mania running roughshod.