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NY Islanders Unveil 2014 Stadium Series Uniform

New York Islanders Stadium Series Jersey 2014

I think I speak for everyone when I say, “well, at least it isn’t black“.

The New York Islanders unveiled their 2014 NHL Stadium Series uniform this morning to be worn one-time-only, on January 29, 2014 against the New York Rangers at Yankee Stadium.

Islanders Stadium Series 2014 Uniform

The uniform is blue, like an Islanders uniform should be, but with white shoulders. An orange and white diagonal stripe is on each sleeve (which screams “1995 Calgary Flames!” to me), diagonal stripes are also on the pants. The Islanders partial logo, showing just the “NY/hockey stick” from their primary logo, is “chromified” and placed on the front of the jersey as well as on the pants. The Islanders logo is on one shoulder, the 2014 Stadium Series New York patch on the other.

“It’s sharp, it’s going more for the modern look, which I think is a great idea, especially with so many teams going back to the retro. We’re going to look good when we go out there.” – Islanders captain John Tavares

Islanders John Tavares Stadium Series Uniform

On the backs of the jerseys the white shoulders come to and end at the collar leaving a patch of blue, somewhat out of place… it does leave room for the Reebok logo though. Player names are in blue on a white nameplate, Philadelphia Flyers style.

“I love the nameplates with the white on the back. Our gloves have a little bit of white on them. It’s awesome with the chrome. The logo and the colors are bold. It’s going be a great jersey and I can’t wait to get my hands on them.” – Islanders forward Matt Martin

The uniform certainly has a more modern look to it which, when combined with the “chromified” logos the league released for every participating Stadium Series team, could be a real indicator as to how the rest of the teams will look once their jerseys are also unveiled.

I’m pleasantly surprised with the design of this jersey, to be honest I was expecting something absolutely terrible… this isn’t half-bad at all.

Jerseys will be available starting this Friday. Good timing.