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Ducks in Orange, Kings in Grey for L.A. Stadium Series Game

Kings Ducks Stadium Series Jerseys

The Anaheim Ducks are finally going orange, and all it took was the field of Dodger Stadium to freeze over for them to do it.

The Ducks and Los Angeles Kings both unveiled their 2014 NHL Stadium Series Los Angeles uniforms via a video posted to the Internet, the Kings will be wearing a predominantly grey jersey with black trim while the Ducks will be going orange with gold and white stripes.

Both teams are using the, I’m going to call them “abbreviated laces” that the Islanders are also using for their Stadium Series game — I guess we can expect that to be across the board for the other 4 yet-to-be-unveiled designs.

Anaheim Ducks

Ducks full uniform

Ducks Stadium Series Jersey

Ducks Jersey Crest
Details within the jersey crests are sublimated. If this the future, I’m done buying NHL jerseys.
Ducks OC Shoulder Patch
“OC” (for Orange County) in the style of the Ducks alternate logo font, on the left shoulder.

Ducks Jersey Player Name

Los Angeles Kings

LA Kings Stadium Series Jersey 2014

Kings Stadium Series Jersey

Kings Jersey Crest
There’s that in-crest sublimation… hate this, end it now.
Kings LA Shoulder Patch
Custom for this event “LA” shoulder patch
Kings Angled Sleeve Number
Sleeve numbers are angled slightly so that number appears straight when player is in motion… four other teams doing this for Stadium Series say the Kings

Kings Jersey

The full video of the unveiling below: