Super Bowl XLIX Host Committee Unveils Logo

Super Bowl XLIX Host Committee Logo

The Host Committee associated with Super Bowl XLIX unveiled their logo today on a local Phoenix television station.

The logo shows University of Phoenix Stadium in light blue, brown, black, and white over “ARIZONA” in white and blue. “Super Bowl XLIX Host Committee 2015” is below on a red banner.

“It’s intended to be modern & really create that future view of Arizona, because we have so much to offer.” – Jay Parry, CEO of the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee

With the NFL’s switch to the standardized Super Bowl logo system in 2011, the host committee logos have been viewed by many as the only opportunity for local graphical elements and colours to be incorporated into the Super Bowl branding.

A look back at the past ten Super Bowl host committee logos (XL through XLIX) shows they certainly are much more colourful and region-focused than the annual grey-and-slightly-darker-grey-trophy logo the main game uses:

Super Bowl Host Committee Logos XL-XLIX

Some of those marks above would have made fine primary logos for the big game.

The actual logo for Super Bowl XLIX will likely be unveiled around the time Super Bowl XLVIII is played early next year… I’m not psychic or anything but I’m picturing something like this:

Super Bowl XLIX Logo Prediction
Super Bowl XLIX Logo Prediction

I’m sure the stadium won’t be the exact same rendering as the host committee logo, but still… probably not too far off.