Reds Will Go Camo, Green in 2014; Also Tweak Road Jersey

Cincinnati Reds Camouflage

The Cincinnati Reds are set to unveil two new jerseys at their annual “Redsfest” tomorrow night.

According to the schedule posted by the club, the Reds will be unveiling both a camouflage jersey and a St. Patrick’s Day jersey at 6:20pm ET. We have it on good authority that the Reds’ camouflage jersey will be an official alternate jersey part of the regular team jersey rotation (just like the San Diego Padres, and now New York Mets do with their camos).

2013 Redsfest Schedule

Courtesy a Tweet from Cincinnati Enquirer Reds Reporter C. Trent Rosecrans we’ve learned that the Reds plan on wearing the “awful” camouflage uniforms six times during the 2014 season:

Reds Camo Tweet

Thanks C. Trent.

The Reds had actually planned on adding a camouflage uniform to their rotation for the 2013 season, the information and artwork was included in the original MLB Stylesheets for 2013, but something happened and the uniforms were suddenly erased from the guide.

The schedule also notes a St. Patrick’s Day jersey which will presumably be green and worn during their March 17th game against the Cleveland Indians in Spring Training.

Cincinnati has also made a very minor tweak to their road jersey, one we’d likely have never noticed if not for the eagle-eyed detective work of CCSLC board member “Brian”. The sleeve striping which had previously been above an inch up from the cuff is now right at the edge of the sleeve. A handy side-by-side to show you exactly what has changed:

Reds Road Jersey Change

You may also have noticed the “C” on the sleeve appears grey in the 2014 photo… right now I’m thinking that’s a result of some sort of photo lighting issue, we’re working on trying to confirm whether this is another change for next season.

Stay tuned tomorrow night, we’ll have all the photos and details on the two new Cincinnati Reds jerseys as they’re unveiled.